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Try our UV-Flex Polar Intense Opaque White

UV-Flex Polar Intense Opaque White is a high opacity white for the label industry. It is a very high gloss and is 100% reactive with a 24-hour post cure to maximize adhesion. It is chemical and abrasion resistance.  It’s a fast curing formulation with excellent inter-coat adhesion.  This is a very low odor product.  SDS supplied upon request.

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Feature Overview

1. High Gloss
4. Fast Curing
2. Low Odor
5. Low Viscosity
3. Chemical/Abrasion
6. Excellent Adhesion Resistant    



Physical Specification
Viscosity: 500 CPS @ 60 RPM – 77 f
Color: White
Shelf life: 6 Months
Odor:  Minimum odor

HMIS Rating:  Health-1  |  Flammability – 1  | Reactivity – 0 | Personal Protection – B