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Accurate and consistent COLOR is critical to a customer’s brand and the most important key to the purchase decision!

Color in NOT Subjective; and because of its importance it must be measured to insure YOUR customer’s satisfaction. If the Brand’s color doesn’t translate to its label carton, or packaging, it is not only detrimental to the stakeholder’s ales; but to YOU, the printer as well! The Braden Sutphin Calibrated Specific Ink (CSI) color management system INSURES the EXACT COLOR EVERY TIME!

Another Braden Sutphin productivity offering is an ink dispensing system! From a small manual system to a sophisticated 16+ drum computer-based unit, Braden Sutphin can DRAMATICALLY REDUCE A PRINTERS INK COSTS by providing exactly the right color ink, in exactly the right quantity for the job, at the right time it is needed!

Environmentally, Braden Sutphin also offers EcoSmart Eco-friendly inks that meet or exceed nearly all US/Canadian green standards. Further, Braden Sutphin designs ink recycling programs WITH a client’s specific needs in mind as well as the community it serves.