Ink Mixing Systems

Bring your spot color matching in house with a GFI Ink Mixing System from Braden Sutphin. Dispenses just-in-time color, in just the right amount, just steps away from your press.

Introducing the hardest working, most-precise color technician you’ll never have to pay.

  • Saves Money
  • Reduces Waste
  • Easy to Use
  • Increases Efficiency

Get the ink you need right when you need it
With an AccuBlend™ dispenser, you’ll never have to wait for spot color deliveries. You’ll never have to delay jobs waiting for ink. You can make the exact spot color you need any hour of the day, any day of the year.

Eliminate waste by making just what you need 
When the ink estimate calls for six pounds, you don’t have to order 10 to play it safe. Because if you need more ink to finish a job, AccuBlend lets you dispense a perfect match in just the right amount. For larger runs that might require 50 pounds, you can just order 40 and make up the rest with confidence that AccuBlend will give you a perfect color match.

Achieve amazing color accuracy
For brand owners, there’s no room for error when it comes to matching color, and AccuBlend, along with formulas from your ink supplier, lets you meet that demand. AccuBlend is accurate to +/- 0.001 per pound (0.5 gr) for every component that goes into the color. That means dead-on color delivery every time.

Turn your old inventory into new ink
With AccuBlend’s unique software you can take all that old ink inventory sitting on your shelves, and blend it into new spot colors. That’s a triple win because no longer do you have to over-order for longer runs, you can use up all the excess ink you’ve over-ordered in the past, and you can recapture all those dollars sitting idle on the shelf.

Keep your presses rolling and your clients happy
When clients want to alter color during press checks, or surprise you with an eleventh-hour rush job, AccuBlend lets you easily accommodate those demands. With your ability to make spot color, you’ll decrease downtime and all but eliminate related change-outs. Perfect for small batches and quick turnaround, our system can give you a ten pound custom mix in less than ten minutes. You’ll also save thousands by making only what you need, and recycling your old inventory into new colors.

Get maximum results with minimal training
With as little as 30 minutes of training, employees can be turned into color technicians. GFI’s touch screen driven software, COLORBOOK™, makes functions easy and intuitive to use. If you can use a smartphone, you can use AccuBlend.

Download our brochure:  GFI_AccuBlend | Braden Brochure February 2018.pdf