Synthetic Stock

Synthetic Stock inks are designed to print on a wide range of synthetic papers, including Yupo™, Tyvek™, and other non-porous printing surfaces requiring inks with low VOCs, excellent drying and adhesion properties.

Product features and benefits
  • Synthetic Stock inks are 100% non-volatile.
  • Inks provide excellent press stability and transfer qualities.
  • Synthetic Stock inks dry to a super hard finish with exceptional scuff resistance.
  • Inks will not swell nor distort solvent sensitive stocks.
  • Synthetic Stock inks are press ready — additives are rarely necessary (do not use tack reducers that contain solvent).

Technical information

Printing techniques and handling procedures for non-porous substrates:

  • Always pre-test on the actual substrate.
  • Use a minimum amount of ink and fountain solution (a 0.4 mil thickness of ink on the form roller is recommended; use just enough fountain solution to keep the print clean).
  • Do not use fountain solutions containing glycerin or citric acid.
  • Always use aluminum or metal plates.
  • Keep the pH as high as possible — 4.5 to 5.5 is usually satisfactory.
  • A 35 micron particle size or larger anti-set-off spray is recommended.
  • Lifts should be kept as small as possible in order to facilitate drying and help prevent offsetting, 2’ or less is recommended.
  • The addition of Litho Dry may be helpful as an aid to drying.
  • Synthetic Stock Inks skin very quickly and should not be left on the press for an extended time without running.

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To ensure optimum performance, this product should be used within six months from manufacture date. Pre-testing on actual substrate is always recommended.

Disclaimer: The technical information presented on our data sheets is correct to the best of our knowledge. Due to variations in substrates and other variables in the printing process beyond the control of the ink maker, we recommend the product be tested before application. Final determination for the performance is the sole responsibility of the user. The data presented is not to be interpreted as a warranty or guarantee as conditions of application could affect performance.