New Century

New Century is an oil base quick set series that exhibits work and turn set speeds. This mixing series offers good gloss and dries well on a wide variety of stocks. New Century has excellent press roller stability and good rub resistance. It is stocked in Pantone® base and 42 Mid-Line colors; other shades and special color matches are available upon request.

Product features and benefits
  • New Century ink series is an oil base quick set system with work and turn setting speeds.
  • Ink series delivers low-to-medium tack (14.5 – 15.0 @ 1200 rpm).
  • New Century ink series offers excellent press and roller stability, as well as extremely low misting.
  • Ink series provides good gloss and rub resistance.
  • New Century ink series features positive drying characteristics on a variety of stocks.
  • Ink series provides a high viscosity to tack ratio, producing excellent ink flow.
  • New Century ink series features color-mixing accuracy, delivering cost efficiencies.
  • Ink series has a 24-hour skin time; therefore, we do not recommend leaving New Century inks on the press overnight.

Technical information

Tack Reductions:

  • X0555, Clear Gel, is the preferred reducer (only if needed).
  • X1052, Liquid Tack Reducer, may also be used.
  • X0002 is NOT recommended.

Drier Additions:

  • Cobalt Drier is NOT recommended as a press-side additive.
  • Top & Bottom Drier (X8179) is recommended.
  • Binding Varnish Drier (X3646) may also be used.
  • Drying stimulators, such as Grapho Drier Extra may be used.
  • Fountain drying stimulators that contain cobalt should NOT be used.

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To ensure optimum performance, this product should be used within six months from manufacture date. Pre-testing on actual substrate is always recommended.

Disclaimer: The technical information presented on our data sheets is correct to the best of our knowledge. Due to variations in substrates and other variables in the printing process beyond the control of the ink maker, we recommend the product be tested before application. Final determination for the performance is the sole responsibility of the user. The data presented is not to be interpreted as a warranty or guarantee as conditions of application could affect performance.