EcoPride Blending Series

Product application

EcoPride blending inks use a combination of vegetable oils and contain less than 3 percent petroleum distillates. EcoPride inks are an example of Braden Sutphin’s commitment to developing environmentally friendly ink products that minimize volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Product features and benefits
  • EcoPride inks feature a wider range of colors. This enables printers to improve color matching, including matching the new PantoneTM GOE colors.
  • Inks are formulated for both commercial and folding carton printers. EcoPride inks offer high gloss on a variety of carton, label and packaging substrates, including a wide variety of synthetic (plastic) and foil stocks1.
  • EcoPride inks have exceptional press stability, provide excellent scuff and rub resistance and may be UV coated off-line2.
  • Inks are press ready; additives are rarely necessary. If required, add Litho Dry (601V12342) or Speedy Dry press side. Contact your local Braden Sutphin branch for recommendations on the amount of Litho Dry or Speedy Dry to use.
  • EcoPride inks have a medium tack and viscosity.
  • Inks produce clean, dense prints with little picking.
  • EcoPride inks can be used in many laser-printing applications. Refer to Braden Sutphin’s “Laser Bulletin” for printing procedures and recommendations.

Technical information

1 Recommend pre-testing on the actual substrate prior to printing.
2 Proper colorant selection is required for use with off-line coatings.

Download Technical Data Bulletin

To ensure optimum performance, this product should be used within six months from manufacture date. Pre-testing on actual substrate is always recommended.

Disclaimer: The technical information presented on our data sheets is correct to the best of our knowledge. Due to variations in substrates and other variables in the printing process beyond the control of the ink maker, we recommend the product be tested before application. Final determination for the performance is the sole responsibility of the user. The data presented is not to be interpreted as a warranty or guarantee as conditions of application could affect performance.