Utopia Forms

Utopia Forms inks offer the best of both worlds – one ink for both regular forms and laser printing applications. This economical mixing series will reduce inventory costs and provide the versatility every forms printer needs.

Product application

Utopia Forms inks offer the best of both worlds one ink for both regular forms and laser printing applications. With only one ink for both applications, inventory costs will be reduced.

Product features and benefits
  • Utopia Forms inks are developed with the latest ink technology to provide the versatility every forms printer needs.
  • Having one type of ink in stock will eliminate the possibility of using the wrong ink (non-laser accidentally for a laser application).
  • Utopia Forms are non-skinning for 72 hours, which reduces waste and requires fewer wash-ups.

Technical information

To assure the best results in laser applications, the following printing procedures are recommended:

  • Utopia Forms inks should be used on uncoated bond stocks only.
  • Utopia Forms inks are press-ready — do not add to or mix with other inks.
  • Multi-film printing is not recommended; forms or letterheads with light coverage work best on all laser equipment.
  • Proper ink/water balance is extremely important — too much water will extend the drying time before the forms can be laser processed.
  • Do not use fountain solutions containing glycerin or citric acid.
  • Not recommended for use on duplicator presses with integrated water dampening systems (Braden Sutphin EP Sheetfed Laser inks are recommended for that application).
  • For best results, aluminum or metal plates are recommended.
  • Forms or letterheads must be “thoroughly dry” before processing through laser equipment. Most jobs should be dry within 24 – 48 hours; however, depending upon the particular job, complete drying may take longer.
  • For best results, do not seal or shrink-wrap the boxes of forms off the press; stagger boxes and allow air to get into them for at least 12 hours before sealing.
  • Not recommended for fuser roll temperatures that exceed 400˚ F (205˚ C).

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To ensure optimum performance, this product should be used within six months from manufacture date. Pre-testing on actual substrate is always recommended.

Disclaimer: The technical information presented on our data sheets is correct to the best of our knowledge. Due to variations in substrates and other variables in the printing process beyond the control of the ink maker, we recommend the product be tested before application. Final determination for the performance is the sole responsibility of the user. The data presented is not to be interpreted as a warranty or guarantee as conditions of application could affect performance.