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Braden Sutphin Pantone® Trade In-Trade Up Program

Upgrade to the latest PANTONE PLUS Color Products and receive up to $35-60 cash back!


Downloadable Braden Sutphin Trade-In Rebate Form


Why should you upgrade your PANTONE Guides and Books?

Pantone constantly strives to manufacture our products at the highest level of quality possible, but the fact is that over time, all papers will yellow and inks will fade. In order to ensure you have the most accurate color for specification and evaluation, Pantone recommends that you replace your guides and books annually. We also regularly introduce new colors into the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®. The colors that are added are based on the latest research by the PANTONE COLOR INSTITUTE into market direction and trends, so you can be sure they are the colors you and your clients want. Make certain you don’t come up short on the latest colors available with the most up-to-date PANTONE Publications. In other words, without the latest guides and books from Pantone, you could be losing money, time – and clients.

How do you get your rebate from Pantone?

Getting your rebate is easy! Once you’ve purchased an up-to-date PANTONE Guide or Book, simply send your eligible, outdated PANTONE Graphics product back with your rebate form and new receipt, and we will send you a check!

Maximize your creativity, productivity and profitability.

Don’t let outdated color products get in the way of realizing your creative vision. Update today!

Eligible Products
· Formula Guide set (coated & uncoated)

· CMYK set (coated & uncoated)

· 4-color process set (coated & uncoated)

· Color Bridge coated

· Color Bridge uncoated

· Color Bridge set (coated & uncoated)

· Solid to Process coated

· Solid to Process uncoated

· Solid to Process set (coated & uncoated)

· Premium Metallics coated

· Metallics coated

· Pastel & Neons coated & uncoated

· Color Formula Guide 1000

· Color Formula Guide

· Process Color Imagine Guide 1000

· Process coated SWOP

· Process uncoated SWOP

· Chips Books (coated & uncoated)

· Solid Chips set (coated, uncoated & matte)

· Pastel & Neons coated & uncoated