Introducing our Diamond Cure H-UV Inks


Diamond Cure H-UV series inks are an ultra-violet light curable ink series that have been formulated with advanced technology to provide maximum press performance and cure speed for presses equipped with a H-UV lamp system. The ink series is particularly suitable for printing on heat sensitive substrates. Diamond Cure H-UV inks are suited for use in both sheet-fed and web applications.


Product Features and Benefits

• Balanced initiator package to provide excellent through cure.
• Inks are suitable for use on presses equipped with H-UV curing systems.
• Inks have excellent transfer properties resulting in exceptional print smoothness and gloss.
• Formulated with a tack level that performs satisfactory on both coated & uncoated papers.
• Inks have low water pickup and outstanding lithographic water balance.
• Diamond Cure H-UV inks contain less than 0.25% VOCs by weight.
• Excellent roller and blanket compatibility.
• Inks are CONEG compliant.

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