Braden Sutphin Ink Flex-Open EcoSmart Inks

Did you know that 56% of Americans, (63% Millenials, 51% GenXers, 55% Baby Boomers), would like to have more sustainable options for paper and packaging products they purchase AND 42% indicated that THEY WOULD PAY MORE for sustainable packaging!

Nearly 47% of Millennials say they are likely to consider whether a product is CERTIFIED as deforestation-free when purchasing paper products…SFI, FSC, etc.

So, so if it’s so important tot he ultimate decision maker, WHY SHOULDN’T YOUR INK BE CERTIFIED EcoSmart? (AND at the same price as conventional inks).

Other reported benefits include:

  • Low/No VOCs based on EPA Test Method 24, making it safer for both employees and consumers
  • Meets/Exceeds nearly every US/Canadian “green” standard
  • Printers use of EcoSmart logo for FREE! (Shows your strong corporate identification to Sustainability)
  • Adding “Green” Value = More “Green” in your pocket!