Bsi History 1

The Braden Ink Company was started in 1913 by Jim Braden; and the first employee was Al Sutphin.

In 1929, the name of the company was changed to Braden Sutphin Ink Company; and Al Sutphin became the President.

Braden Sutphin Ink Company has operated at four different locations, beginning in 1913 on the 5th floor of the Vulcan building on St. Clair Avenue, and then moving to East 22nd Street across from Wolf Envelope.

In 1937, when the Cleveland Arena was built by Al Sutphin on Euclid Avenue, the new Braden Sutphin Ink Company was erected on the same site.

In 1957, when Braden Sutphin was looking for more space, another move was made to 3650 East 93rd Street where we still remain today.

In 1974, we purchased the building on East 93rd Street. In 1978, we completed the first phase of our remodeling program, which involved a complete refurbishing of the 4,000 square feet of office space on the second floor.

In 1983, the entire building was further improved with the addition of all new shipping and warehousing facilities. Other phases of the remodeling program include enclosed bay docks to house our growing fleet of company-owned delivery vehicles.

In 1992, a new 45,000 square foot Web Heat Set and Forms ink manufacturing facility was completed in Carlisle, Ohio.

In 1998, we acquired an additional 13,000 square feet of space, which was connected to our main Cleveland facility in 2001.

In 1999, we acquired a company in Sacramento, California. Now with a presence on the West Coast we can provide service to existing customers as well as new customers. In addition, Braden Sutphin entered the water based flexographic market with the acquisition of Water Color Graphics in Philadelphia, PA.

In 2000 Roli Ink Corporation was acquired to add to our already existing presence in the water based flexographic market. Roli, with its manufacturing facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin including an automated dispensing system, will provide additional products for this growing segment of our industry.

In 2002, we acquired Inco Company, a Cleveland based company, which expands our market within the Ohio and Pennsylvania area.

Our Technical Department consists of a team of highly skilled and experienced chemists and technicians. All incoming raw materials are tested to assure that they meet our rigid pre-established requirements. And, all new products developed are researched extensively and tested thoroughly prior to their release.

Technical Service specialists are available around the clock to help solve any press related problems that may occur. Each Technical Service Representative is highly trained and skilled in ink chemistry and has a vast knowledge of pressroom conditions and variables.

With the aid of our tractor-trailers, mid-sized trucks and vans, all orders are processed and shipped without delay to provide “Better Service” to printers in all fifty states and dozens of countries worldwide.

Our Research and Development and Technical Department occupy approximately 5,000 square feet. State-of-the-art technical equipment is used to keep up with research and manufacturing technology.

We have also added over $2,000,000 in new research and manufacturing equipment in the last few years.