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In the true American tradition, Braden Sutphin is a family owned Ink Company committed to provide the highest quality products available to the printing industry. We are dedicated to earn the respect of our printer friends through technical support, latest technology, and dynamic aggressive leadership. We will be responsive to any customer requirement and will do our utmost to fulfill their needs. Every employee is pledged to total commitment in formulation, manufacture and timely delivery. We want to be a profitable company that will permit us to continue to operate as we have since 1913 and to participate in the many community support activities with which we are presently involved. This continued growth is dependent on a partnership loyalty to and from our most important assets – OUR EMPLOYEES AND THE AMERICAN PRINTER.

Our Sales Force consists of Outside and Inside Technical Representatives. Each representative has had extensive training and is experienced in all phases of the printing processes. Backing up our Sales Team are Technical Service representatives who are available to assist in any problem that may arise. Braden Sutphin’s growth continues as we concentrate our efforts on “teamwork” to produce consistent quality products and provide highly skilled technical assistance.

Braden Sutphin Ink Company is an extremely service oriented business with 95% of our orders shipped within three days of being received. Highest quality products, service and batch-to-batch consistency are the key ingredients to our success.

Through careful marketing strategy and innovative product development and improvement, Braden Sutphin is meeting the challenge. Today, Braden Sutphin combines state-of-the-art research and manufacturing technology with experienced, dedicated employees to serve its growing family of customers worldwide with better service.